Moving Checklist- What People Forget to List
There are plenty of moving out checklists available on the net and many are very comprehensive.

There are three checklists on our website that we have provided in order to assist you in all the tasks required when relocating your home.

Moving Home Checklist

Moving Interstate Checklist

Packing Checklist

Moving Checklist Advice

When moving it is a good idea for people to search the net for moving checklists and then combine them to make sure they have the most comprehensive and complete checklist available.

Unless you move regularly if you make your own list without any help, you will be assured that you will forget to put something on the list.

In our experience at Quick and Easy Removals there are two really important items that people forget to add to their checklist and these are provided below.

Moving Checklist what People Forget to List- Important but Commonly Forgotten Items

Whilst our pets are extremely valuable to us for some reason they are often forgotten when compiling a moving out checklist. Pet needs really need to be up on the top of the list as there are several things that you may need to organise for your pets when moving home.

Are they going to need to be transported? Will they need to be flown to the new destination? If you are going overseas you will need to find out the regulations regarding quarantine etc.

If you decide not to take your pet with you to your new residence, then can you find a good home for your pet? If you know someone who would like to have your pet then this is easy. However if this is not the case you may need to advertise to find a new home for your cat, dog, bird etc.

If you are doing a simple move from one suburb to the other, your pet should still be on your list. You need to consider where your pet is best located when the removal team arrives. Do you have somewhere safe you can shut your pet up in so that he/she doesn’t get out the gate and onto the road while the loading and unloading of the truck is happening?

A final matter relating to pets that is often left off the check list is that they need access to food and water on moving day. Thus you should add to your checklist to pack in your ‘essentials box’ a bowl for water and possibly some food as well for your pet.

‘Essentials Box’

It is vital that you have on your checklist an ‘essentials box’. This box should contain all the items that you need close at hand at all times on moving day.

Items that are likely to go into this box would be your handbag, keys, mobile phone, drinks, snacks, electronic devices or other games for the children, bowl and food for our pet, cleaning cloths, cleaning liquid and toilet paper! You would also be wise to include one or more box cutters (knife or scissors) so you can start unpacking as soon as the boxs are delivered.

If you are an avid coffee or tea drinker then you will need to pack the kettle, tea, coffee and long life milk as well.

The ‘essentials box’ needs to be put in a secure place – make sure it is not packed onto the removal van! Also as it contains your handbag and money it should not be left where someone could easily take it.

Whilst not a perfect solution one option could be place it on the top shelf of an empty cupboard. Another option is to lock the box in your car. If you do this you will still have to find a safe spot for your phone and keys.

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