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Your PACKING CHECKLIST Provided by Quick & Easy Removals

Packing for a home move can be long, tedious and frustrating. In order to do the job properly and with the greatest of ease we suggest that you follow the packing checklist that we have provided to help our customers’ relocation as quick and easy as possible.

Packing is a very important part of the removals process. It needs to be done correctly so as to minimise breakages and damage. If you follow this packing checklist you should be ready for when the removal truck arrives – and you won’t be in the situation whereby in your new home you have an enormous pile of boxes all in one room with no idea of where to unpack all your items.

Remember, when it comes to packing and unpacking Quick & Easy Removals has teams of expert, efficient packers who can, if you wish pack one or two rooms for you, or the whole house, whatever meets your needs and budget.

Remember too, if you decide to self-pack Quick & Easy Removals will provide you with plenty of different sized sturdy boxes for you free – we do however require a small deposit and a small delivery fee if you want us to deliver the boxes to you. You can reclaim your deposit when you return the boxes within 30 days of setting into your new home.

Packing Checklist
  • Contact Quick & Easy Removals and request the delivery of free boxes to your home. Our customer relations operators will be able to advise you on the number and variety of boxes that you will need. We suggest you err on the side of caution and order more boxes than you think you will need. Don’t forget the boxes are provided to you for free so it makes sense to over order rather than under order.
  • Collect together all the other packing materials and tools that you will need. These include:-
    • Bubble wrap;
    • Butcher paper;
    • Tape;
    • Labels;
    • A box cutter;
    • Screwdrivers;
    • Allan keys;
    • Wide permanent marker; and
    • Large rubbish bags.
  • Hire a skip and fill it to the top with all those household items that you no longer use and don’t want or need. It will save time, effort and money if you don’t move all unwanted goods with you.
  • Start with packing those items that you won’t need between now and when you move such as out of season clothes, books, ornaments and kitchen appliances that you only rarely drag out of the cupboard.
  • Make sure you clearly label all the boxes. Write on the box the room the goods belong to and a brief description of what is contained in the box.
  • For delicate and breakable boxed items ensure that you write “This Way Up” on the box and include an arrow pointing in the right direction.
  • If you want to be really organised you could label and number each packed box – and then record on a piece of paper or spreadsheet on your computer what is packed in that box. This way if you have packed something that you suddenly find you need it will be easy to locate.
  • Dismantle furniture and make sure you store the nuts, bolts and screws etc somewhere where you won’t forget them. Each of the different sets of nuts, bolts and screws need to be stored in separate closed bags which are clearly labelled.
  • Obviously pack your most used items last.
  • Pack separately the items that you will need during the move and when first settling in. This includes a change of clothes and pyjamas for each member of the household. You will also need an essentials snack box to sustain your family on moving day. Finally don’t forget to pack essential toiletries and keep your keys and mobile phone somewhere safe and handy.
  • The night before you move turn off your refrigerator and freezer so that you can clean them first thing in the morning before your move.
  • Contact Quick & Easy Removals with any queries or worries you may have concerning your move and packing of your household.

We hope you find this packing checklist helpful. At Quick & Easy Removals our aim is to ensure that every home relocation is both quick & easy.
Whilst we have given a lot of thought in developing this packing checklist, there may be specific items or needs that are not included; we suggest in this situation that you add these additional items to the packing checklist provided.

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