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In order to assist all our customers when planning to move homes we have provided below a moving house checklist. We recommend that you use this moving home checklist as a guide and cross the items off as you go.

About 2 Months Before You Move – Moving House Checklist

  • Obtain quotes from furniture removalists in your area – don’t forget to request one from Quick & Easy Removals!
  • De-clutter your home – you don’t want to be moving unwanted items. Hire a skip if necessary and go through the whole house room by room.
  • Contact your children’s new school and enrol them. It is worth considering purchasing their new uniform now; it’s just one less task that you will have to do later.

About 6 Weeks Before You Move

  • If you are renting your home you may as well to inform your landlord now of the date you intend to move.
  • It’s best if you can to take a couple of days off work to reduce the stress of a weekend relocation. Ask your boss if you can have some time off and give him the dates that you require.

About 4 Weeks Before You Move – Moving House Checklist

  • Contact your electricity provider and instruct them on the dates you want your electricity turned off at your current home and turned on at your new residence.
  • Inform anyone and everyone about your new address. Family, friends, work as well as your Doctor and Dentist etc.

About 2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Start running down your fridge, freezer and pantry. It’s amazing how much you can save on your grocery bill during this time!
  • Start packing all those items that you won’t need until after the move such as books, DVDs, last season’s clothes and household mementos.
  • Organise house and content insurance for your new home; ensure that the insurance starts from the day that you move in. Cancel your current insurance for the date that you plan to move out.

Only One Week To Go – Moving House Checklist

  • Contact all the utilities companies of the date that you are moving and relocating into your new home. You need to contact the following suppliers: gas, phone, water, internet and pay tv.
  • Pack, pack and pack some more.
  • Contact all other businesses such as your bank, Australia Post (you can redirect your mail if you wish), Medicare, and businesses that provide you with regular deliveries or you have subscriptions with such as magazines and newspapers, gyms and retail outlets. Don’t forget that you pet will probably need to be re-registered if you are moving Council areas.
  • Make a detailed list of all the tasks you will need to undertake on moving day.

The Day Before You Move

  • Pack a box of essentials, tea, coffee, drinks and snacks.
  • Pack of box of cleaning equipment for use in your new home.
  • Organise an overnight bag for each member of your family, pjs, toiletries and a change of clothes.
  • Turn off your fridge and freezer so you can clean them before you move.
  • Pack, pack and pack some more (again) – don’t forget to label the boxes and carefully wrap all breakable items.

Moving Day – Moving House Checklist

  • Don’t panic!
  • Provide the removal team with any special requests you have or information you believe that should know about.
  • Hand in your keys to the real estate agency.
  • Keep your car keys, mobile phone and handbag somewhere safe.
  • Pack essentials in your car such as overnight bags, snack box, cleaning equipment, pets and children!

If you follow this checklist for moving house you will find the relocation process much easier. We also suggest that you add extra things to the checklist where required. You are bound to have some of your own individual requirements not covered here.

If you have found this checklist helpful, you may also want to read our Packing Checklist.

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