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  • Protect valuable and/or delicate furniture items
  • Do all the heavy lifting for you
  • Pack furniture more efficiently to save costs
Safe Furniture Removal

Some of the most important items in our homes are our pieces of furniture. Lounges, dining tables, cabinets, dressers, bookcases, television sets; these items do not come cheap and, as a result, you’ll want to ensure the utmost care is taken when it comes time to move these items to a new home.

Unfortunately, our pieces of furniture aren’t only some of the most important items in our home — they’re also some of the heaviest and most awkward. From three-seater lounges that barely fit through doorways to large, oddly shaped CRT televisions, the transport of furniture from one place to another can often be a nightmare. And don’t even get us started on grand pianos!

At Quick & Easy Removals, moving large pieces of furniture comes naturally to us. We’re hugely experienced in the removal of a range of heavy and delicate items and we’ll do so in a way that ensures you’ll avoid damage to both the furniture and the walls of your new (and old) home.

Experienced Furniture Removalists

Our friendly staff have all the necessary experience and expertise, and we also have the right equipment to make the job run as smoothly as possible, including free boxes, tape, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, butcher paper and more. If necessary, we can even do the packing for you, making sure that everything is protected and appropriately labelled to minimise fuss afterwards.

When transporting furniture — particularly during the hot and sweaty days of summer — it’s easy to become tired and, as a result, less co-ordinated. This can lead to situations where furniture is dropped or dents are taken out of walls. It can also lead to personal injury, with back problems and broken fingers or toes a common result of furniture removal gone wrong.

Our professional removalists not only have the experience and expertise, but they also have the physical strength to make light work of even the heaviest items. We’ll keep your breakables well-protected, and because we understand the most efficient way to pack items and offer varying truck sizes, we’ll be able to perform the move in as few trips as possible, saving you money.

Moving Furniture Interstate

We understand how stressful it can be to move interstate. We provide an interstate removal service from Sydney to Brisbane and Queensland, Sydney to Canberra, Sydney to Melbourne and all place inbetween. You may find that our backloading service can help you with your interstate move at an even more affordable price. Contact us for a quote by filling in the form on the right.

The Sydney Furniture Removal Specialists

Make your move a breeze with Quick & Easy Removals!

  • Take the headaches out of packing
  • Lift and remove heavy furniture items
  • Keep your valuables safe in transit
  • Unpack and reassemble your home for you

Moving house brings about many challenges — not least of which is finding a way to move large, valuable and often-delicate furniture items from one place to the next. Quick & Easy Removals offers the most professional removal service at the cheapest rates in Sydney, starting at $25 per half hour for one man and a truck. If you’re looking to eliminate the headaches and physical strain associated with removal, we are your medicine.

At Quick & Easy Removals, we take all the hard work and headaches out of the removal process. We can help you with packing and unpacking, while our professional removalists have the physical strength to make light work of even your heaviest items and the expertise to ensure nothing is damaged during transit.

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