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It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate in our homes over the years. Wardrobes, cupboards, pantries, cabinets, drawers and garages – for many, it’s only once it’s time to move out that we realise just how big a job packing can really be. To make matters worse, we have to find the time to do this in between work, social and other commitments. More often than not, it’s left to the last minute, turning moving day into a nightmare.

At Quick & Easy Removals, we can take the headaches out of the packing process by sending professional packers to do the job for you. Our packers will wrap and pack everything safely for the journey between homes, labelling all boxes and cartons to make life easier for you when it’s time to unpack. In fact, if you wish, we’ll do the unpacking for you as well. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Our packing service is available for the entire home or just your chosen rooms — it’s completely up to you.

Get ride of unwanted belongings

Transporting things that you no longer need from one place to another is a waste of time and money so now would be a great time to have a good sort through all the junk that you have accumulated over the years and dispose of anything you never use. The next task in our home and office relocation checklist is to make sure that any magazine subscriptions you have are notified of your change of address. Wine clubs, stamp collecting clubs and any similar organisations that send newsletters and products for approval to your home, should also be contacted.

Last minute jobs

A day before your move, it is a good idea to turn your fridge and freezer off, to allow them to defrost, and take advantage of the opportunity to clean them before they are transported to your new home. Personal belongings should be carefully packed into sturdy cardboard boxes, which we can supply, unless you have booked our pre-packing service, in which case you can sit back and relax. If we are taking care of your move there is no need to worry about large items but if you are doing it alone, you can find useful furniture removal tips online.

If you’re happy to do the packing yourself, however, here are a few tips we can offer from our wealth of experience in removal packing.

Top Packing Tips
  • Start early. The sooner, the better — you don’t want to be doing everything the night before the big move, as when it comes to packing, it’s amazing how often things can go wrong.
  • Be sure to label each box . Labelling them by room is the best way to do this, but it doesn’t hurt to make note of the contents either, especially if the items are delicate.
  • Make sure all boxes are as full as possible . When it comes time to stack your boxes, you’re running the risk of crushing if many of your boxes are empty.
  • Use wrapping material such as foam or bubble wrap wherever possible, especially for valuable items. Be sure to wrap any breakable or delicate items individually.
  • When dismantling furniture, be sure to keep all nuts and bolts in a separate, small plastic bag. Separate the bags according to the item of furniture, too.
  • Ensure any sharp items such as knives or work tools are sheathed or wrapped to prevent them from cutting holes in your boxes.
  • Don’t pack anything you’re going to need during the day — wallets, phones and your iPod, for example. It also pays to keep a box with some essentials such as pens, paper, coffee, tea, sugar and so forth.
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