Office Relocations

Quick & Easy Removals understands how important it is to maintain fast, efficient service during a commercial office relocation. We will help you relocate as quickly as possible so that you can continue to make a profit during this tumultuous time.

Corporate Technology

When conducting an office move, disconnecting and reassembling all workplace equipment must be done in the right manner. Our team know what to do so you are fully operational the day after the relocation. As well as connecting all workplace technology, we can also dismantle and assemble all workstations and counters.

Flexibility for All

So that your company suffers minimal interruptions, Quick & Easy Removals offers our services after hours, overnight or even on Sunday. In this way, you can make the move and still attend to your customers’ needs.

Catering to your Budget

If our half-hourly rates or unfixed times are unsuitable for your company, we will be happy to arrange another type of appointment. What matters is that you get your business to its new location in a manner that fits your needs.

Packing Materials

Those conducting a workplace move can also take advantage of our free box offer. This makes office relocations far less stressful, especially with added benefits such as our pre-provided computer loading services and other options.

Workplace Moving Techniques

We have worked for years in the removals industry, helping clients move offices in the easiest way possible. Here are some methods of facilitating the entire relocation process.

  • Allocate one point of contact within your company. They will liaise between our team, your staff and the building managers throughout the move.
  • Start packing early, especially if you have paper archives.
  • On the day, ensure one lift is reserved for the moving team. This avoids delays as the movers wait for the lift to arrive.
  • Talk to building management and notify them early. Also ask about moving regulations, allowed access times, and permitted points of entry.
  • Take note of the maximum height of underground parking and loading docks.
  • Schedule the move on a day that minimises downtime. Inform clients that operations will be suspended during this time.
  • Connect telephone lines, electricity, water and internet in the new office prior to moving in.
  • Take out moving insurance.

For Removals in Sydney or if you wish to arrange a future workplace relocation, phone Quick & Easy Removals today. Our team of experts can be contacted through 02 8761 6380.

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