Moving House Tips Sydney to Melbourne
Planning and undertaking an interstate house move such as from Sydney to Melbourne requires a much greater investment in terms of money and time than does a local neighbourhood move. To help you out we have provided some moving house tips for you that relate specifically to an interstate home relocation such as from Sydney to Melbourne.

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Moving House from Sydney to Melbourne raises the following questions:-
  • How are you going to get your motor vehicles from Sydney to Melbourne
  • Where are you going to stay for the few days while your belongings are in transit?
  • How are you going to relocate your pets?

Below are some moving house tips specifically to help you with an interstate move.

Moving motor vehicles from Sydney to Melbourne

You have the following choices:-

  • Drive each vehicle down yourself, depending on how many cars you have and how you plan to move your family this might involve driving your car(s) to Melbourne and catching a flight back to Sydney.
  • Use an interstate car transportation company.
  • Ask a family member or friend who enjoys hitting the road to drive a vehicle from Sydney to Melbourne for you – you might have to shout them the return air flight.
Choosing somewhere to stay while your goods are in transit

(At Quick and Easy we can move your household goods overnight for you)

There are many different options available here:-

  • A really good moving house tip – treat yourselves to a mini-holiday by staying somewhere really nice in Melbourne; you can often get good rates with and you will really need a good rest before you start the unpacking in your new home.
  • Stay with family or friends – but do remember the saying, “guests like fish begin to smell after three days!” so you need to get settled into your new home quickly.
  • Drive your household down in the family car and have a one night stay on-route.
  • Camp in your new Melbourne home, just make sure that you have organised that the electricity is connected and you may need to consider that you camp includes at least a laptop or iPads for the children…
Moving and Housing your Pets as part of an interstate house move

No article on moving house tips would be complete without encompassing what you should do about your much-loved family pets:-

  • Pile them into the car with you, assuming you don’t have too many and you have the room, plus do you know how well they will travel for such a long trip, and finally if you are going to stop overnight, can you find accommodation that will include housing your dog/cat etc.
  • Small and medium sized pets can be flown interstate in a pet pack, they get put in the hold of the plane and can be taken as part of your free baggage allowance, assuming that you haven’t already used this up which is very likely for an interstate home move. If you have to pay for your pet to fly from Sydney to Melbourne, they are likely to be charged as excess baggage with the rates based upon the weight of your pet.
  • There are specialists’ pet flight services that will transport your furry family member for you such as Jet Pets who will also organise boarding kennels for your pet for you.

We at Quick and Easy hope that these moving house tips make your relocation from Sydney to Melbourne easier and as stress free as possible.

Should you choose us as you’re reliable and affordable interstate furniture removalist, we will help further by ensuring the safe and timely move of your precious household belongings.


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