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Moving interstate is harder than a local move and as a result can be much more stressful. Be prepared for fights and arguments as family members become testy from the stress and worry of caused by an interstate relocation. Anxiety levels will only increase closer to moving day as you try to juggle all the extra tasks generated by your interstate move on top of your already busy lifestyle…
To help you during this difficult time, we at Quick & Easy have put together this Moving Interstate Checklist. Its’ just one of the many services we provide that make your interstate relocation with us as quick & easy as possible.

Moving interstate checklist
  • It’s important to contact the school you children will be attending once you have moved and complete the enrolling process which includes providing any documents they may require from the school your children currently attend.
  • Search for (if needed) good child care facilities. The sooner you have your child’s name down on your favoured child care providers’ lists, the better your changes of obtaining a slot. Good child care facilities often have long waiting lists so you may need to be flexible on the days that you provide to them as your preferred options.
  • Research and find a reputable interstate furniture removalist company. Need we say you will find that Quick & Easy Removals are the interstate relocation company of choice!
  • Should anyone in your family have ongoing medical problems? You will need to ask for a referral from your current Doctor or Specialist and obtain all the medical records to provide to the new medical practitioner.
  • If you need to find a job in the state that you are moving to this is best tackled early. It’s easy to apply on-line however you need to take into account that potential employers may be wary about how stable and permanent your decision is to relocate. Some potential employers may interview you over the phone, others may require that you undertake the expense of travelling to their offices for an interview.
  • You may need to find temporary accommodation if you cannot rent or purchase a new home before moving. Options include self-serviced apartment or short-term leases, but be prepared, as these types of accommodation can be very pricey. Camping out with family and friends is always an option.
  • If you have to move into temporary accommodation you are going to need to find a kennel to house your pets. Research the facilities offered that will be closest to you. If you can’t inspect the facility yourself, see if you can get a friend or family member to do this for you.
  • You may need to find a storage facility to temporarily store your furniture until you find a permanent home. A lot of storage companies have very good webpages which can help you in your decision making.
  • If you are currently renting your furniture you will need to enquire as to whether you can move the furniture with you and continue to rent it at your new abode. If not, you will need to make arrangements to have the furniture taken away.
  • Decide on how to move your car(s). Will you drive them to the new city or would you prefer to use an interstate car transport service? There are plenty of interstate motor carriers available; again an internet search will assist you in this regard.
  • Use the Australian Post Redirection Service [link] to ensure you continue to receive all your mail.
  • Keep all your important documents handy, don’t pack them in the removal van, it’s likely you are going to need some if not all of these papers before the truck arrives and is unloaded.
  • Download our Packing Checklist and a Change of Address Checklist and you will be well on your way for an organised and efficient move.

Moving Interstate Checklist provided to you by Quick & Easy – Helping you to make your interstate relocation as stress and hassle free as possible.
Quick & Easy Removals – We will transport your goods safely and affordably, arriving at both the origin and destination at the appointed date and time.

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