Moving House Tips – Sydney to Brisbane
There are many good moving house tips articles available on the net, but few actually provide you with tips specifically related to an interstate move such as from Sydney to Brisbane and the difficulties that such a move creates over a local neighbourhood move.

How to Move Interstate

The moving house tips we provide below answer the following questions:-

When moving house from Sydney to Brisbane:-

  • How do you plan to get your cars from A to B?
  • With Quick and Easy Removals we can transport all your household belongings overnight – this still leaves you with nowhere to put your head down for one night – so have you considered where you might do so?
  • You can’t forget your furry friends; do you know what options there are for relocating your pets from Sydney to Brisbane?

Below are some moving house tips that answer these questions.

Getting your motor vehicle(s) from Sydney to Brisbane

What you can do:-

  • The obvious solution is to drive your vehicle yourself from Sydney to Brisbane – however what happens if you have two cars or you prefer to fly yourself and the family to Brisbane? One potential solution to this would be to drive the car(s) to Brisbane and return to Sydney by air.
  • Another option is to use the services provided by an interstate car transportation business.
  • If you have someone who owes you a big favour, you could see if they would drive a car up for you which would save you some time, but it’s likely you would still have to pay for his/her flight home.
Where you can stay while your furniture is in transit

You have several choices:-

  • The most cost-effective choice would be to stay with friends or family if you have any in Brisbane.
  • If you have decided to drive up to Brisbane then it may be a good solution to choose to stay somewhere overnight during the trip. Although this may not be possible if you wish to be at your Sydney house for the final packing of the removal truck and your Brisbane house for the unpacking. If this is your preference, call us at Quick and Easy and we can discuss logistics with you.
  • You could fly to Brisbane and camp in your new Brisbane residence. You will likely need someone to help you out here with bedding and the like.
  • Our favourite moving house tip is to suggest you that treat your family to a really good hotel in Brisbane as you will have earned a good rest – and still have the other half of the relocation ahead of you.
Relocating and housing your pets for an interstate move

This is often a tricky part of moving interstate, what do to with your treasured family pets:-

  • If you have decided to drive from Sydney to Brisbane and your pet travels well then this may be the best option for you – assuming there is sufficient space in the car! Also, if your interstate driving trip includes an overnight stay, you will need to ensure that you source before you leave accommodation that will allow pets, unless you are happy to leave them in the car overnight.
  • If you are flying up to Brisbane then you have tether option of taking your pet on the same aeroplane as long as it is not too large. Pets travel in pet packs in the hold of the plane and can be considered by the airlines as part of your free baggage allowance. If you don’t have sufficient available free baggage allowance then it is likely that your pet will be regarded as excess baggage and charged at those rates.
  • The easiest option is to utilise the services of a specialists’ pet flight business who will not only transport this valued family member but will if you wish also arrange for boarding kennels.

We at Quick and Easy hope that all the various moving house and packing tips will assist in making your move from Sydney to Brisbane as stress free as possible.

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