Top 5 Moving Mistakes in Australia
Moving Mistake Number One
Choosing the Wrong Furniture Removalist

By far the largest cost of moving home is the hire of a furniture removalist business. For this reason it is very tempting to choose the cheapest possible home removals firm. This could however backfire on you if you end up with damaged or lost items.

We recommend that you obtain at least 3 quotes from different removalists. We also recommend that you thoroughly research each one.

One of the best indicators of a reliable and reasonably priced removalist is customer reviews.

You can obtain a quote from Quick and Easy Removalists by using our Online Calculator.

Moving Mistake Number Two

Forgetting to Label Boxes

If you don’t label the boxes as you pack them you are going to find that it will take you at least three times as long to unpack! It’s such a simple task and really helps make your move quick and easy.

We recommend you label your boxes clearly with which room they belong in and a description of what goods are in each box. Label every box on two or more sides and on the top as well.

If you let our Quick and Easy removals team know which room is which they will place the boxes in the right rooms for you, saving you heaps of time and effort.

Moving Mistake Number Three

Underestimating the Time it takes to Move Home

Most people underestimate the amount of time that is required when moving house.

The most common mistake in estimating time is how long it takes to pack all your household goods. Too many customers tell us they have been up all night packing!

Estimate how long you think it will take you to pack, then double it and you are then probably closer to the right amount of time.

If you want to take a great deal of the stress out of your home relocation, you could consider using our pre-packing service.

Moving Mistake Number Four

Not Purging Yourself of Unwanted Belongings

Most of us have cupboards full of clothes, ornaments, and books etc that have not been used for years and are unlikely to be needed in the future.
It’s a no-brainer to hire a skip and discard items that you no longer need. This will save you lots of time in packing, the cost of the removal and time in unpacking at your new home…

Honestly, there is absolutely no point in moving items and then throwing then out when you unpack.

Moving Mistake Number Five

Forgetting to Pack a Survival Kit

It is essential that you have a survival kit box which will go with you to your new home in your car.

Items that need to be in your survival kit include:

Your mobile phone
Your keys and handbag
A kettle, a couple of cups, coffee/tea, sugar and long life milk; and/or
Plenty of soft drink or water
Emergency food – fruit is always a good option, energy bars (you may need them) and some of your children’s favourite snacks
iPads for the children or other device or board game that will keep them out from underfoot
Toilet paper and medications if you take them regularly – some panadol might also be a good idea!
If you have a dog or cat, then a container for water and some pet food.

You can avoid making moving mistakes by using our Moving House Checklist.

Wishing you a successful, quick and easy home relocation from Quick and Easy Removals

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