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Quick & Easy Removals open in 2007 and is now considered to be a reputable Australian moving company. We are based in Sydney and cover home and office moves to all locations in Sydney. We also move people to interstate locations along the eastern seaboard. We offer cheap quick and easy removals getting you there on time.
Let’s look at the typical Removal Process

It starts with packing — lots of packing. In fact, packing can take days as you fast discover how many items, both big and small, you’ve kept in your house. With our busy lives, we often leave packing until the last minute, only

to find we haven’t allowed ourselves enough time to do the job properly. We then haphazardly pack boxes without labels, making them difficult to find when it comes time to unpack. Or we may wrap delicate items poorly, causing them to break during transit. It can save a lot of time and energy to have your goods packed for you.

Once packing is out of the way

It’s time to move the boxes and furniture to the moving vehicle. You may have hired a truck of your own, you may have a friend who has lent theirs, or you may have a trailer you can connect to the back of your vehicle. Whatever the case, lugging those huge and awkward furniture items through doorways, down stairs and onto the truck can be an ordeal, particularly on hot days. Dangers include dropping valuable furniture and electronics, denting the walls of your old home (which may have a bond inspection just around the corner) and causing yourself physical strain from heavy lifting. That is why so many people choose professional movers to do it for them.

Next is the Drive

It’s time to drive from your old home or business to your new home or business. If packing is not done correctly, boxes and furniture can move around during transit, causing valuable items to break. When you do arrive at your new place, you’ll then have to go through the process of unloading the truck and carrying everything back upstairs and through doorways, before you start the long process of unpacking.

If this sounds like to much work for you when you have so many other things to do, Call Quick & Easy Removals today for your home or office removal on 1300 883 117 or fill out our easy online form for an obligation-free quote!

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