Packing Services Cost in Sydney
The cost of packing services varies considerably.

Obviously the amount of goods you have affects the cost of a removal packing service.

The other major factor affecting the cost of a packing service is the rate that is charged by the company you engage.

Cost-Effective Packing Service

We at Quick and Easy Removals provide a very cost-effective packing service. We are also upfront about our charges.

We charge $40 per half hour for two professional packers. Charging by the hour means you will only be paying for the actual service you need.

Cost of Packing Service – Quotes
We highly recommend that you research the cost of packing services provided by other furniture removal businesses. Some removal business will quote you a rate per hour; others will provide you with a quote for the completion of the whole packing job.

Cost of Removal Packing Service – Questions

When obtaining a quote for the cost for packing your belongings you need to ask the questions listed below.

Does the quote include the provision of all packing materials?
How many packers will they be providing?
Will they label all boxes for you?
Have they got any testimonials written by customers who have used their packing service already?

Cost of Packing Service – Keep the Costs Down

There are several ways that you can keep the cost down when engaging a packing service.

It is a good idea to hire a skip and discard any belongings that you no longer require. This can significantly reduce the cost of the packing service and it really makes no sense to pay for the packing and moving of items that you no longer want. You may choose to have the belongings of some, but not all of the rooms in your home packed. You can choose to engage a packing service to pre-pack but not unpack as well. By doing some research you should be able to find an affordable but also professional packing service.

Packing Services Cost – Quick and Easy Removals

As said we provide two professional packers for a rate of $40 per half hour (GST not included). The packing services provided by us for this cost are listed below.

All cartons and boxes clearly labelled.
Dismantling large items of furniture and ensuring that the bolts, screws etc are safely stored.
Extreme care and experience in safely packing delicate and valuable items.
Sturdy packing boxes provided for free – we do however require a small deposit which you are refunded once you return the boxes to us.
Blankets are provided by the removalist team. As said boxes are provided free. However our cost of packing service does not include other packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape and butches paper.
We can however provide these materials for you at a very competitive rate.
Peace of mind that your belongings are packed by experts thereby reducing the likelihood of damage to your goods during the move.

Packing Services with Quick and Easy

We also offer the flexibility of providing you with additional packers should you require this. We have the resources to ensure that all your packing and removal needs are met.

If you would like some additional information regarding our pre packing service, please click here.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have, please feel free to call them on 02 8761 6380.

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