Packing Materials for Moving House – What do I need?
If you are asking the question “What packing materials do I need?” then you are obviously planning a home or office relocation.

We at Quick and Easy Removals are highly experienced in both packing and moving furniture and household goods. Thus we are in a good position to advise you on what packing materials you need.

The Right Packing Materials

Firstly we would like to state the obvious – using the right packing materials will provide you with the best protection against damage of goods during a move.

Secondly we would like to point out that using the right packing materials will also make the job easier for you.

Provided below are all the packing materials that you will need for your home or office relocation.

Packing Boxes

You will need lots and lots of different sized boxes. At Quick and Easy Removals we provide you with sturdy packing boxes for free. All you need to do is pay a deposit which we will refund when you return the boxes to us.

You will need small, medium, large and extra large moving boxes. Please don’t make the mistake of packing small but heavy items such as books in the large and extra large boxes.

Wardrobe boxes make moving your hanging clothes so much easier – we highly recommend that you make use of these boxes.

We found this article on the net which may help you determine the number of boxes that you will need. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us (02 9554 7155) and we will advise you based on our experience the number and type of boxes you are likely to need based on the size of your home.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap should be used for all the delicate or dangerous (such as knives) items that you pack. When using bubble wrap you should turn the little bubble in onto the item that you are wrapping. This provides greater protection than using it the other way around.

Butchers paper

Using newspaper to wrap your goods is going to create extra work for your. As the ink comes of the paper and you will find yourself having to wash and clean many, many items once you have unpacked. For the reasonable cost that you can obtain butchers or packing paper it is recommended that you add this to your packing materials list.

Sealing Tape

It is best to use clear sealing tape so you don’t mistakenly cover the content label that you have written on the box. But most importantly you need to use heavy duty sealing tape and we recommend that you use the tape on the bottom of the boxes as well to provide greater strength to the box.

Sealing Tape Dispenser

A good strong sealing tape dispenser is absolutely vital in making your packing job easier. If someone is going to help you pack, buy two or more, it will really speed up your packing job.

Permanent Pens

We recommend that you purchase several permanent pens for labelling the contents on your boxes. Like sealing tape dispenses, the more the merrier as you cut down on time hunting for the pens which continually disappear.

You should also buy medium or thick pens so that your labelling stands out.

Packing Materials from Quick and Easy Removals

We stock all the packing materials as described above and can provide you with what you need at a very competitive price.

Please call us and we can advise which types and how much of each type of packing material that you will need. We will then also advise you the cost for the materials required.

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