Moving Out Cleaning – What is Involved?
There are really two different levels of moving out cleaning.

The first is an official standard of cleaning that is required if you have been renting your home, known as bond or end of lease cleaning.

The second is an unofficial standard that most people adopt when they have sold their home.

What Does Moving Out Cleaning Involve – Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning requires a very high level of cleanliness. Exactly what is required for an end of lease bond clean is provided in this article.

What Does Moving Out Cleaning Involve – sale of your Home

Generally the standard of cleaning when departing a home that you have sold is not as high as that for an end of lease clean.

It is generally just a case of good manners. In determining the standard of a home relocation you should firstly consider how clean you would like your newly purchased home to be when you move in. Then you should plan to provide that level of cleanliness for the new owners of your house/unit.

Unofficial Moving Out CLeaning Standards

Whilst unofficial, moving out cleaning for a sold house ought to really include the tasks described below.

Clean the oven
Sweep and mop all floors
Vacuum the carpet (whether you should clean the carpet depends on how dirty they are and how bad a conscience you are going to have if you don’t get it done)
Good clean of the kitchen including the insides and outsides of the cupboards and drawers
Wipe down all surfaces throughout your home
Thoroughly clean all bathrooms including cleaning the shower glass and recess, cleaning the bath, wiping down mirrors, scrubbing toilets and wiping down all surfaces
Garden tidy and lawns mowed
Swimming pool clean and water healthy
Remove all debris from the property
Clean the inside of all windows
Clean the outside of windows if they are pretty dirty
Remove cobwebs
If you light fittings have trapped a number of insects you may consider taking them down and polishing them up
If your fans are coated in dust it would be a good idea to wash the dust off

If after reading what is required for a moving out clean you think it might be best done by professionals, we can help you with this.

We have teams of professional cleaners who can take this time consuming task away from you. If you wish to know how much it would cost for us to clean your home, click here. This page provides the cost of moving out cleaning for different sized homes and also for whether or not it is a bond clean or just a sold house property clean.

Please remember, there is no official standard or requirement for moving out cleaning when it is a property that you have sold.

The above list is just a guideline and should be adopted as such. Many people will believe this list too extensive; on the other hand many will believe that it is not sufficiently comprehensive.

If you would like to present your old home in an immaculate condition to the new owners, then we suggest that you follow the requirements for a bond clean, click here for more information.

Pre-Cleaning Service

You may be interested to know that we at Quick and Easy also offer a pre-moving in cleaning service. If you want to be confident that your new home is spick and span for you to move into call us today and we can discuss this service with you.

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