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Moving is a major undertaking, don’t let it overwhelm you – choose Quick & Easy Furniture Removalists and you can relax. Our reputable company is staffed with experienced packers, removalists and truck drivers. Your goods will be in professional and expert hands, removing the worry and stress of your relocation.

Quick & Easy Removalists specialise in moving homes and offices within the eastern suburbs of Sydney including East Sydney. So if you are moving from East Sydney locally within the eastern suburbs or moving within the wider Sydney area or even interstate we are the company for you.

At Quick & Easy we provide:-
  • Pre-packing or both pre-packing and unpacking services for an affordable fee. You also have the option to self-pack (we will deliver sturdy boxes for a nominal fee).
  • Staff who will dismantle and re-assemble of large furniture items.
  • Extreme care of delicate and valuable items.
  • Punctual and reliable staff.
  • Safe transportation.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Overnight or weekend commercial relocations.

At Quick & Easy Removals we go the extra mile. We serve you with individual attention and tailor your move specifically to your needs. We take into account your budget, your schedule and any other unique requirements you may have.

You can leave it all to us. We can do your packing, moving, re-assembly and even the cleaning of your vacated home.
For a full service removalists call Quick & Easy and you will receive unsurpassed service at an affordable rate.

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Quick & Easy Furniture Removals – East Sydney

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