Cost of Moving Interstate
If you are planning an interstate move from say Sydney to Melbourne or Sydney to Brisbane you will probably be surprised by how much the cost of moving interstate is.

There are many ways of keeping the costs down some are good and some are highly recommended that you do not do… Let’s just look at what costs are involved and where possible we will provide some estimates of what these likely costs are going to be.

Please note, we have used the internet to source many of the costs listed above, as we all know the net is not 100% reliable and some of the estimates provided above have come from using Website Cost Calculators as we were not able to obtain authority figures on some costs. Thus depending on which company you select, you may find that our costs are lower or higher – it is always a good idea to check with a number of different businesses for not only the fees they charge but also to check their reputation etc if possible.

Cleaning Costs

The cost of employing someone to clean your vacated home can add up. There are the basic cleaning costs, usually around $25 to $35 an hour and then there is also the carpet cleaning as well. If you are leaving a rental property, expect a higher bill, a proper bond clean as demanded by most real estate agencies includes things like all your windows, blinds, walls, light switches etc. End of Lease Cleaning costs if you want to get your bond back, and I am sure you do, expect to pay somewhere between $400 and $800 depending on the size of your house and whether you need carpets cleaned as well.

Car Moving

If you want your car moved for you, based on online estimates you could expect to pay for the transportation of a standard Ford Falcon for example:

Sydney to Melbourne – $350 to $550

Sydney to Brisbane – $450 to $650

Sydney to Perth – $1,200 to $1,500

Obviously the further you are moving, the higher the costs.


Family of four flying economy in a non-peak period midweek (normal airfare, you can get re-Deals etc):

Sydney to Brisbane – $1,200

Sydney to Perth – $2,300

Sydney to Melbourne – $1,300


You may need to house your family for a night or more depending on how far you are moving to and from. With Quick and Easy, we can do an interstate move from Sydney to Melbourne or Sydney to Brisbane overnight, so you costs for accommodation could be for a single night only.

If you are moving from say Brisbane to Perth, then obviously you will require a longer stay in a hotel or other form of accommodation, unless you have friends or family that are prepared to put you up for the duration of the time that your goods are in transit and possibly a few days to allow you to set up your new home.

Rubbish removal

This is not a high costs (or hopefully not, dependent upon the amount of rubbish you have!) but you can usually hire a skip for a very reasonable rate – again depending on size and your location. Assuming you are in the ‘burbs’ in one of our cities, you can expect to pay around $150 for a 2 cubic metre skip and around $250 for a 4 cubic metre skip. This is assuming that the all you need the skip for is household rubbish as if it is other types of rubbish the prices are usually higher. Skip businesses often have special offers going so there is a good chance you might get one at a lower cost than what we have estimated.


The costs of utilities vary city by city and also depend on which utilities you will need, the most common utilities that we use are: electricity, landline phone, internet accounts and pay TV. In the overall scheme of things, these costs are not substantial when doing an interstate relocation.

Storage Costs

Naturally storage costs are dependent upon the size of the storage facility that you would need. To help you get an idea of the amount storage is likely to cost you, here are some links that will help:


An often not thought about cost is the relocation and temporary housing (if necessary) of the family pet(s). However if you are driving from Sydney to Brisbane for example and you can take your pet in the car with you, it is not a cost that you do need to consider. You do however have to remember that should you choose to stay overnight on your interstate trip, you will need to find accommodation that will allow pets. If you are flying and don’t have much luggage (doubtful on an interstate move) then the airlines often allow your pet as part of your free baggage allowance. If you don’t have any free baggage allowance, then they are charged at the same rate as excess luggage. Another option is to use a specialised pet transportation business. This can be by road in vans (usually cheaper) or by air. Data we have found on the net for air transportation of an average size dog including crate hire are as follows:

Sydney to Melbourne – $230

Sydney to Perth – $470

Sydney to Brisbane – $230

Usually these services also have the option to organise kennel boarding for you at an additional cost. Some links you might find of use are provided below.

How Much Do Removalists Cost?

It is likely that the largest cost of your interstate move will be the removalist fees. You can save yourself both time and money by choosing Quick and Easy as we are not only affordable but a very reputable and trustworthy removalist company.

If you would like to look around, one of the best ways to get an idea of how much your removal costs will be for an interstate move is to put together a list of your belongings and use the many different Moving Cost Calculators available on the net.

However when selecting a removalist don’t only focus on the price, you also need to take the following into account:

  • Most importantly, the companies’ reputation – read the reviews on the net or ask friends/family/colleagues.
  • The length of time they will take to relocate your household goods.
  • Does the removalist provide all the services that you need such as packing, unpacking, cleaning etc.
  • Are the packing staff experienced, particularly important if you have valuable goods and difficult to move items.
  • Are there any hidden fees which will give you a nasty surprise when you receive you bill, read the fine print and ask lots of questions.

Please use our Moving House Calculator to obtain an estimate of your interstate move with Quick and Easy. Our fees are very competitive and we provide a very high standard of service. You might also like to consider using our backloading service.

This way you can save money but not risk using a less reputable removalist business. Cost savings can be significant and we are more than happy to discuss this option with you if you wish to give our friendly customer support staff a call on 1300 883 117

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