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As the best moving firm in Sydney, Quick & Easy Removals can assist you by:

  • Taking the hassle out of moving
  • Looking after your personal valuables
  • Preventing moving accidents & injuries
  • Freeing up your time for other matters

Quick and Easy Removals are a Sydney based furniture removal business that provides all customers with exceptional service whilst still maintaining cost-effective rates. You may query how this is possible as usually the better the service, the higher the price.

The reason we are able to maintain a high level of service together with affordable rates is quite simply because we are so experienced we are able to successfully complete your relocation for you quicker than other removal businesses who do not have the benefit of our experience and expertise.  As you know all furniture removal businesses charge according to how long it would take them to complete the relocation, thus as we can do it quicker, you pay for less hours.

There is another benefit to this.  As we are so efficient in furniture removal you will find that the pain and stress associated with this life event will be less, because it will all be over with that much faster.

Office and Home Furniture Removals

Quick and Easy Removals are experts in both residential and commercial relocations in Sydney.  We have relocated large corporations through to studio apartments.  No matter how big or how small your move is we will provide you with the best level of service possible.

Commercial Office Relocation

As well as helping countless clients move into a new home, we also provide comprehensive moving packages to business owners who wish to relocate. Whether you are moving to the CBD from the Eastern Suburbs or you wish to move from the Inner West to the Shire, you can make use of our removalists Sydney wide. Our flexible solutions ensure minimum disruption via overnight, weekend and after hours moving options. This means you can enjoy our quality service and a hassle-free office relocation in the future.

Moving without the Hassle

Before you move out, there is certainly plenty to think about. As well as packing your belongings and transporting them to their destination, you will have other aspects to consider such as cleaning up your rental apartment so you receive your full deposit or finalising the sale of your newly-purchased home. Our team of removalists will take care of the relocation of large furnishings as well as the packing and transport of smaller items, leaving you with plenty of time to handle other affairs.

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Service You Deserve

As we have been working in the industry for years, we have the experience required to deal with heavy, awkward pieces of furniture. Thus with our team, you can remain confident that nothing is damaged during the move. Our rates are also highly competitive, especially with the level of professionalism that we provide, meaning that the cost will be well worth it. Our removalists will proudly take care of your belongings, using their skills and strength to efficiently conduct any sort of household move. All these characteristics make us one of the best moving options in the Sydney region.

Quick and Easy Removals Guarantee

We guarantee that we will do anything within our power to make sure that your home or office move is done efficiently and carefully so that the move is swift and your goods arrive in the same condition as they left your previous premise.

It is noted that if your goods are professionally packed and wrapped they stand a much better chance of arriving undamaged at the new home or office.

Our Sydney Service Area

Our full-time expert removalists work throughout the metropolitan area of Sydney from Palm Beach and Whale Beach in the north down to Heathcote in the south.  We service both the eastern and western suburbs of Sydney too from Bondi through to Penrith.

We also serve the areas outer lying Sydney such as the Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong.

Quick and Easy Removals is One of Sydney's Best Furniture Removal Businesses

We have over the years earned a reputation as being one of Sydney's best furniture removalists.  This has been due to our high level of service, our reliability and dependability, our cost-effective rates as well as the extended services that we provide.

Extended Services for Sydney Residents and Businesses

We offer a packing service for Sydney residents and businesses.  Our capable and efficient packers can pack your entire home/office or just several rooms, the choice is yours to make.

We also offer an unpacking service; again we can take the weight off your shoulders for you and do all the unpacking for you or just do the specific tasks that you require.

Quick and Easy Removals have found over the years that many customers do not want the hassle (nor have the time) to do a thorough clean of their business or home once the furniture and goods have been moved out.  For this reason we also offer a cleaning service which is very affordable.  We offer two types of cleaning packages, a General Clean or a Bond Clean and are very experienced in both.

Service That Spans Australia

Our operations stretch far beyond removals within Sydney itself. We also help those wishing to move to another city or state. If you wish to relocate to Queensland, Victoria or the Australian Capital Territory, our affordable, quality services are still available. Our professional removalists drive out to Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne on a regular basis. If you are interested in an interstate move, please get in touch with our team for a free quotation. We are waiting to talk with you over the phone about the perfect removals package regardless of your final destination.

Contact us for next Sydney or Interstate Move

Our well informed customer service staff are only a call away (1300 791 034), they will be able to supply you with an answer to any question your may have.  They can to provide you with advice regarding your move be it locally within Sydney or interstate.  Alternatively you can contact us by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you can be certain that you will receive a prompt reply.

Removalists Sydney - Quick and Easy Removals One of Sydney's Best Furniture Removal Businesses.

For a free quote, call Quick & Easy Removals on 1300 883 117. Alternatively, fill out the online form on the right and wait for us to get back to you.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that:

  • We'll take the stress out of moving!
  • Your valuable items will be protected!
  • We'll free up your time!
  • You'll receive great customer service!
  • There are no hidden fees!
  • You will be satisfied!